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It's all in the details!

At Blowing Rock Woodworks, we work with you one-on-one to help craft the perfect statement pieces for your home. We know that it's all in the details! We'll work with you to pick out the slab that best suits you, and has all of the characteristics that you want highlighted - whether that's in the wood grain, or adding a little something special. Take a look at some of our past projects that feature a little something extra! Maybe you'll get some inspiration for your next project.

Guanacaste Live Edge Dining Table

Monkeypod Live Edge Dining Table

These two tables were both built from a single slab of Acacia - which is a wood family, encompassing Guanacaste (shown on the left) and Monkeypod (shown on the right). Each slab is completely unique and can have a true blonde sapwood edge, or maybe a more yellow tone. When working with one of our designers, share photos of our past projects to show what details you're looking to incorporate into your piece. We will hunt for the perfect fit and add alterations where needed.

One way that we can elevate a design is to add other little details, like Bow Ties (also called a butterfly inlay). We can craft these using the same wood species as the table, or add in another for a pop of color or texture. If you really want a pop of color, we can also incorporate a colored epoxy fill!

If you want something that really makes a statement, we can also branch out into other exotic woods, like Ambrosia Maple, Jatoba, and Granadillo, to name a few!

Sometimes simple is better. If you're wanting to incorporate a patterned, upholstered dining chair, you may want the table to be more sleek and modern. We can also build your table with only the heartwood of a slab (like the image shown below), which involves cutting the slab at a straight edge to remove the blonde edges - A very popular build at Blowing Rock Woodworks!

Chat with one of our designers today, by using our chat box, filling out a custom inquiry form on our home page, or emailing

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