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  • Can I pick my rough slab online?
    Yes, we will send photos and /or videos of up to three slab options for you to choose.
  • What is the build time for a custom build?
    4 weeks is the build time for most of our one of a kind selections. If we complete your piece ahead of schedule we will let you know and ship it out.
  • How do I care for my purchase?
    1. Dusting - Do not avoid dusting furniture. Frequent dusting removes airbourne deposits that build up in a filmy layer and can scratch the surface. Clean, dry, soft cloths or feather dusters will effectively remove dust; however, to avoid scattering the dust into the air, where it floats until landing back on furniture surfaces, dampen the cloth very slightly. 2. Cleaning - Never use all-purpose cleaning sprays unless your furniture has a plastic coating, such as the kind used on kitchen tables and children's furniture.You'll usually want to avoid cleaning wood with water. However, sticky spots may need to be treated with soap and water. Here's how: dip the cloth in mild soap or detergent dissolved in water, wring the cloth nearly dry, and wipe the area. Rinse and immediately dry with a clean, soft cloth. 3. Maintenience and Deep Cleaning - As a first step to removing layers of grime, use soap and water. Rinse and dry well. If the finish still seems dirty, clean lightly with #0000 steel wool dipped in a mild soapy mixture. Do not use mixtures containing boiled linseed oil, turpentine, or white vinegars. Do not use Windex or All-Purpose cleaners. Museum conservators say these things darken wood and attract dust and lint. To maintain and moisturize your wood furniture we recommend using Howard's Feed and Wax once a year as needed.
  • What can I do to repair scratches?
    If the top of wood furniture is slightly scratched, apply Howard's Feed & Wax and buff area or if the scratches show a color change use a felt-tip touch-up pen and lightly buff area after dry. To treat deeper scratches that gouge into the wood, use wood filler or a colored filler wax stick available at hardware stores. Match as closely as possible to the color of your piece, applying in several thin layers rather than in one thick layer. This should blend well into the area.
  • What if my table is unstable?
    Please check under your table first and make sure all screws are secure connecting the top to the legs or base. If the legs or base is having issues at the floor we recommend purchasing felt levelers at a hardware store and following directions until table has a solid floor connection. BRWW is not responsible for getting your table level on your floor.
  • How many chairs fit around a 6ft-10ft table?
    Use these charts to determine how many people can comfortably fit at the table. Charts include extended width seating.
  • How will my furniture be shipped?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.We ship all of our furniture pieces with private carriers. This is the best way to make sure your furniture arrives safely and is placed in the room of your choice. Our delivery service includes light assembly such as attaching legs and bases as well as removal/disposal of packing materials. If you have purchased a smaller item such as Barn Wood Shelves or One of a Kind Cutting Boards and smaller boat wood pieces we will ship them FedEx - No Signature Required. If you would prefer that we send it Signature Required please let us know. LTL Freight shipping is provided for our commercial clients and those outside of our shipping area. Blowing Rock Woodworks ships our furniture with private carriers. Please observe additional shipping time of 3-4 weeks for this service as it ensures a safe delivery of your one of a kind piece. FREE delivery is available for the following US locations; Alabama, Delaware, DC, Florida, Florida Keys, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. If you are located outside these areas free freight shipping will be available to most other locations aside from remote areas.Please read our Shipping Policies before making a purchase.
  • How long will it take to get my furniture?
    Shipping with a private carrier: Once your item is complete and picked up by our white glove carrier transit can take between 15 - 40 days. The carrier will contact you directly with the phone number you provide to arrange a delivery appointment. The delivery appointment requires an adult over 18 to be home during the delivery. We strongly recommend that the purchaser is available for delivery, inspection and placement of your furniture. FedEx: FedEx Ground or Home Delivery service generally takes between 3 - 7 business days. LTL Freight: Depending on the carrier and commercial delivery location this service takes 7 - 10 business days.
  • Can I get tracking for my order?
    In most cases tracking information is provided the day your item is shipped. If you did not receive tracking please email us at and we will provide tracking/shipping information.
  • How do I receive my freight shipment?
    Please make sure you have help to bring your crate inside. Your LTL Freight shipment will be secured in a crate with protective packaging, and high-grade straps to help prevent damage during transit. The shipment will arrive on a semi-truck.The semi-truck will have a lift-gate, if requested, to bring the pallet to ground level. Be sure to inspect for damage or shortage with extra scrutiny. Please note: When you sign the driver’s delivery receipt, you are acknowledging receipt of all products in good order. Before signing the delivery receipt, it is important that you follow the procedures outlined below: - Inspect the boxes and their contents for visible damage. If any damage is suspected, OPEN the boxes carefully for further inspection. - If any damage or shortage is discovered, DO NOT SIGN the delivery receipt. You as the customer have both the right and responsibility to inspect the goods before acceptance. If the goods arrive damaged and delivery is refused, we will file a claim with the carrier. However, we will not be responsible for damage to any products that were signed for in good order.
  • How do I receive my white glove shipment?
    Your private carrier delivery will come blanket wrapped and be brought into your home and set up. Please inspect what has arrived and watch the entire process. You will be asked to sign that everything is in good order at the end of this process. If all is well sign the paperwork noting everything in good order. Once this is done all rights to a claim of damage is waived. If a problem is noticed you may note this on the delivery receipt you sign. If noted the delivery company will handle the repair of your furniture either in home or at a facility near your location.
  • Can I return my furniture for a refund, exchange, or replacement?"
    BRWW provides a 30 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy on all of our one of a kind pieces. Items must be returned in the condition they were received. A 30% restocking fee will apply. CUSTOM ORDERS: CAN ONLY BE CANCELLED WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER THE ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED. AFTER 3 BUSINESS DAYS, NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS WILL BE GIVEN ON CUSTOM ORDERS Please consider your purchase very carefully and ask questions before you buy.
  • What happens if my furniture is damaged in transit?
    Please contact us immediately and do not sign for your order, once your order is accepted this indicates you accepted the order in proper condition. If damage is noted we will either have the piece returned to us for repair, find a local repair company or mitigate the damage via a store credit/refund.
  • Do I have a warranty?
    Blowing Rock Woodworks provides a 30 day, non-transferable limited warranty starting on day of shipping. Warranted items include only the following; warping beyond 3/8”, loose glue line cracks that cause structural concern or defects that make the item unsuitable for use. Blowing Rock Woodworks will substitute like item; Blowing Rock Woodworks may also opt to refund price paid for original item. Any cosmetic defects will not be considered warranty items if common to style wood. Cosmetic defects must be brought to Blowing Rock WoodWork's attention immediately upon receipt of shipment. No other company, institution, or organization’s expressed or implied warranties or standards are warranted or guaranteed by Blowing Rock Woodworks.
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