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Rita Bench Assorted Sizes and Colors


Isn't multi-functional furniture fabulous? There are countless ways for our colorful sturdy teak-wood benches to be used. Use it as a rustic accent in your garden or in your foyer to greet guests with a few chic, plush pillows. It could even be used as seating at a long rectangular table. Have fun getting creative! The Rita Benches are part of our boatwood furniture line and come in a variety of sizes. The boatwood and its original paint have been aged and finished by time and nature, making each piece unique.


Since each piece is crafted from reclaimed boatwood, there are many color variations shown in the picture. Since each piece is crafted from reclaimed boatwood, there are many color variations to choose from.  Owning a piece of this unique boat wood makes you feel a part of the boat’s journey and part of the Reclamation Revolution that is making our world more sustainable!


Please view style options at https://warehouse2120.com/collections/rita-bench-51-59 different sizes available under Storage - Rita Benches, make note of Size and Stock number (eg: #1470) and select in Product Options to order.  Price will vary based on size.

  • Dimensions: Various Sizes and finished with an outdoor finish.  Price will vary based on size.


    Pictured is an example of what the actual piece will look like.


    We have photos of each piece in various sizes at the following links: 

    RITA BENCH 20" : https://warehouse2120.com/collections/rita-bench-20

    RITA BENCH 30" : https://warehouse2120.com/collections/rita-bench-30

    RITA BENCH 39-47" : https://warehouse2120.com/collections/rita-bench-39-47

    RITA BENCH 51-59" : https://warehouse2120.com/collections/rita-bench-51-59

    RITA BENCH 63-71" : https://warehouse2120.com/collections/rita-bench-63-71

    RITA BENCH 75-83" : https://warehouse2120.com/collections/rita-bench-75-83

    RITA BENCH 87-98" : https://warehouse2120.com/collections/rita-bench-87-98

    Please select the stock number desired by visiting this link and then let us know the number you choose.  Price will vary based on size.

Want more time to pay? We offer a 6 month financing plan! Call (828) 372-3035 to apply!