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How to Make Your Cutting Board Last Forever!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Learn more about caring for your new cutting board or butcher block. What upkeep do they need to stay looking brand new, longer?

How do you wash your cutting board properly?

Washing your cutting board isn't as complicated as it may seem. Water (and a little soap if fine too) is all you need, BUT! Make sure to wash both sides of your board, so you don't hurt the board over time - this could lend to warping. Just use enough force to remove food from the surface and dry with a rag that is lint-free. You can use items in your pantry in the cleaning and oiling process - lemon and vinegar is a great cleaning pair and grape seed oil is great for hydrating wood! (Just stay away from olive oil, you'll end up with a mess)

An excerpt from Knives & Tools

"Antibacterial effect

Some people say that a wooden cutting board is not hygienic. This is in fact not true. When you cut, small grooves will be made in the board, and bacteria will collect there. The thing is, that a groove in a plastic cutting board will (partly) close around the dirt inside the groove. Therefore, when you wash the board, it is not guaranteed that you wash off all the dirt from the grooves. A wooden cutting board does not close around the dirt, but will open during cleaning. This way, you can for sure wash everything out of the groove. Besides this, the tannin in the wood helps quite a bit, by killing a big part of the bacteria. "

Is your wooden cutting board looking dull?

One rule of thumb, when looking for products to use on your wooden cutting board, is to stay away from harsh chemicals - this is where you prepare your meals! You want to use all natural products if you can.

Conditioning Cutting Board

Our personal favorites are Howard's Cutting Board Oil and Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner. After using your board and rinsing with water, you can apply oil with a rag, letting it dry overnight, and adding conditioner the following morning. This method can also keep your wooden spoons good as new!

Most recommend that you condition every few months to keep your board looking as great as the day you brought it home!

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